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Suspiria Profundis

2006. Azazel has no more doubts. The music composed by him up to that time lacked an important element: spirituality.
Always a lover of primordial Black Metal's raw sound, but openly opposed to the satanic themes, Azazel decides to reverse the situation. His lyrics have reflected the darkness of its spirit in which it had long made an incursion the light of his God, Jehovah. Thus were born the Suspiria Profundis, it's name recalls the deep breaths of anxiety that every true Christian exhales in their spiritual battles against Satan, against the world ruled by him and against his own imperfection.
Begin the recording sessions for what would later become the first album.
Meanwhile, Azazel turns out to be a real music scene, from melodic rock to extreme metal, expressing their Christian faith through solid musical compositions.
So Azazel comes into contact with guys of his own country, Italy, who appreciate this type of music and receives a warm welcome.
Between delays due to printing problems, arrives the 2009 and, through the label Sullen Records, they released their first album titled "In War Against Satan", a real punch in the stomach!
Standard-bearer of what is called "Christian Black Metal" or "Unblack Metal", the album is appreciated by most of the listeners, even those who remain indifferent to Christian themes.

As time passes, Azazel realizes that the scene "White Metal" has too many flaws. That is made up of too many people who put their faith under the music, making it worthless. People who have no real knowledge of the Holy Scriptures, but that hangs from the lips of ignoble talkers belonging to the clerical classes with which he has always found himself at odds.
Azazel has always hated the Church (Catholic, Protestant, etc ...) for spreading falsehoods about God, His word and to have his name removed from their Bible translations, thereby proving to be servants of the Devil.
The sense of indignation is such that Azazel moves away from the scene, creating other musical projects which deal with other themes dear to him, like love for nature.
As a sign of protest against all the false Christians, create a project called Necrolust, with the purpose of exposing all the misdeeds of the clergy and of all those who take advantage of it. A demo and an EP serve to show the stupidity of these people, who immediately blames Azazel of becoming a Satanist.
Azazel laughs of these assertions, and finally decided to keep away from the White Metal scene, while appreciating the compositions of some single bands.
So Azazel decides to create other musical projects, including Aevum and evocative Enthroned Darkness, which deals with fantasy themes and research the sense of absolute void of these world through the sensorial perceptions.
Over time, returns need to express praise to their creator through music.
Azazel brings back to life the Suspiria Profundis, but wanting to stay away from the White Metal scene and wanting to go for a personal exposition of their faith, based on studies conducted by the original version of the Holy Scriptures, arriving to vary as well the musical genre, calling it "Pure Spiritual Godsend Metal", a fusion of different styles of music, including Black Metal, Death Metal, Funeral Doom and Dark Ambient.
Therefore, in 2012 a demo is recorded, that in 2013 became the second album "Divine Knowledge" with the support of Sanctus Gladius Records who firmly believes in the potential of this project. Faith is rewarded with sales: in just six months, the label gets sold out of the album.
Not bad for a musical project that was hated by too many people!
The need to express the knowledge learned from the studies conducted, brings Azazel to write new compositions.
Bible students as Azazel know well that the yearl 2014 enshrines the centenary of the Kingdom of God sustained by Christ, that Kingdom which many have mentioned in the prayer of the "Our Father" (Pater Noster) and that is a reality, even though the majority of the world does not want to recognize it.
This kingdom, which in a short time will determine the end of fixed time for the current satanic system, is the main theme of the third album, entitled "End Of Times", and that will come out in September of the same year.
Advance is released a single from the album, entitled "Too Old Too Bold", a cover of Darkthrone but with a modified text, which captures the biting sarcasm and uses it as a manifestation of Azazel's hate about the stupid attitude of those that exalt the Satanism as a mere form of rebellion, without understanding what this really entails. In this sense, also the single's cover is decidedly eloquent...
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Black Metal
Lodi, Italy
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