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Rock Of The Ages

Rock of the Ages is an original, four-piece Christian rock out of the Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas market. This group uses its driving rhythms, slamming drums, grooving bass lines, and in-your-face vocals with a message of hope to create, and shape, their unique style of music. The band is comprised of local scene veterans who have played in the area, regionally, toured in elsewhere in the U.S. and even played overseas in Europe.

Rock of the Ages wants to minister hope to people of all ages and be a blessing to them; to tell them that God loves them, and that He'll meet them where they are. No matter what they've been through, or done, they can still receive the blessings He has for them. The band will play just about anywhere, even in places some Christian bands won't play.

With a hard metal edge, and an uncompromising message, Rock of the Ages strives to do the best for their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. They desire to change the world - one soul at a time.

Hard rock
Colleyville, TX
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2006 Let There Be Light 791
2005 End Of The Day 951

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