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Voice Of Glass

VOICE OF GLASS was formed originally in March, 2002 by American guitarist and songwriter DAVID MEEK while living in Europe. He formed the group originally under the name '10 SECONDS OF SILENCE' in 2002. It's original members were TODOR MIHAILOV (drums and vocals), OLYA MIHAILOVA (vocals), and DAVID MEEK (guitars). They created their own blend of metal mixed with gothic, alternative and hard rock. From the beginning, they strived to create their own style of music mixing aggression with melody and harmony in trying to form new and fresh music. In, 2005 they added STANIMIER KOSTOV as their bassist and changed the band's name to VOICE OF GLASS. They teamed with producer TONY GRAPES from MILLENNIUM STUDIO in Sofia, Bulgaria, and they recorded their first single VALLEY. They made a music video with the project, which at it's time was one of the biggest and most ambitious projects by a metal band ever in Bulgaria. VALLEY, which was based on the 23 PSALM OF DAVID, was received well by media in Bulgaria and was played often on Bulgarian music channels MM and M2 during the summer of 2006. The video also opened the door for them to be interviewed live on the only TV show strictly for metal music in Bulgaria - Fractura.

After the success of VALLEY, the band underwent some internal changes as the band's drummer and vocalist TODOR left the band. This left them with the unique opportunity to re-define their style and sound as OLYA began to take the full load of the vocal responsibilities in their music. They added drummer JULIAN NEDKOV and began the process of completely re-defining the vision and direction of their music. They sought to challenge themselves to grow musically in creating music that was original and modern with a heavy groove mixed with melodic and powerful vocals. They felt they achieved this in their song called SONG OF SONGS which they recorded as their second single. The SONG OF SONGS, which was based on THE BOOK IN THE BIBLE, was recorded on November 24th 2006 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria at SOUND DESIGN STUDIO. The band challenged themselves by taking the roles of producers for this project, feeling they were confident in the new sound and style that they were envisioning. The single, SONG OF SONGS, entered the Top 10 international music chart on the MM TV show 'Interactive'.

After SONG OF SONGS, the band set goals to tour in the United States and to record its first full EP. VOICE OF GLASS began a six-month U.S. tour on May 31st, 2007. As the band was on its U.S. 2007 tour, they added a new band member - JUAN HERNANDEZ. He replaced the previous bassist STANIMIER KOSTOV, who left the band before the US tour. JUAN is from Chicago, Illinois, and he fully committed himself to VOICE OF GLASS.

While on tour, the band also made arrangements with Ken Steorts (co-founder of Skillet and director of 'Visible School') to record at the legendary 'Ardent Studio' in Memphis, Tennessee. On October 1st VOICE OF GLASS accomplished its goal of making a full EP by recording three new songs: 'Beautiful', 'You Let Dying In', and 'Making Me Real'.

Gothic, Doom
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2011 The End of You 826
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2007 Making Me Real 697

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