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The Skunkape Hysteria

....The Skunk Ape is a vicious critter from the depths of the everglades. Feeding on snakes, alligators, and other small creatures, it evokes terror throughout Florida. Yet to be captured, and only seen by few, he is a compared to Sasquatch, presumably of the same species. The only difference, SkunkApe is real. Whenever he is around there is a foul stench in the air similar to that of a skunk, giving him the name Skunk-Ape..

....Freshly formed from the cornfields of Indiana, The SkunkApe Hysteria has played a few shows here and there playing with acts like, Dear Brother, Showstopper, Miss May I, The Queen Street Massacre, and quite a few others. Expect the Hysteria to sound a bit like awesome. Listening to them will probably feel a bit like eating starbursts and beef jerky while smashing you head against a doorknob. (thats a really cool feeling, but may cause injury) Check our bros in our top friends and our band member's personal pages on the left!

We're also playing to show people God is one cool dude. So, listen up, check for shows and recordings! And thanks to all the kids who like what we've done so far!

Southern hardcore, metal
Huntington, Indiana, USA
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