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Translated from the band's Myspace:

The Menahem was created in the year of 2002 with the objective to produce a sound different, with impactantes letters aiming at to more reach a public interested in a sound weighed, however, with much really celestial technique and melodies, with strong messages on the battles that are stopped in our interior and also in the world spiritual, presenting always an escape through our experiences with the faith that we possess in GOD. The band was created by the brothers Lucas and Murilo Marc. She was formed for: Lucas Marc (to guitar), Murilo Marc (drums), Jess� Aires (to guitar), Israel Scates (bass) and Sandro Bastos (vocal). After many assays the Menahem started to compose its proper musics and then to make shows in the city of Uberl�ndia and region being led in fact a different sound and that it left its motionless and intent listeners to everything. In the year of 2004 the Menahem would start to firm its formation with the entrance of the tecladista Guillermo Oliveira, who with some assays already started to enter in the rhythm of the band and to make with that the instrumental part was still more stoned. The band continued making several shows and growing in the scene of the Heavy Gradual Metal. In 2005 the band entered in studio to record its first work. A demonstrative COMPACT DISC that relieved some compliments and helped to still more divulge the band in Brazil. This COMPACT DISC composed three bands: To repent, Trip in the imensid�o and Arrests without walls, band heading of the album. In this Compact disc all musics were sung in Portuguese, therefore it still did not have a vision extended in the area of the Heavy Metal and in the spreading. The year of 2007 brought some changes, therefore the band had a great loss in its composition. Then the vocalista Sandro Bastos needed to leave the band for particular reasons. It was a time to reevaluate some things, thus bringing a bigger desire to continue and to pass for a period of training of maturity and professionalism. It was then, that the Menahem started to look a new vocalista. With the extended vision, he was necessary somebody substituted that it to the height, thus wanting to reach places that not yet had been reached. Through contacts for the Internet they reencontraram the vocalista Lean Van Ranna, already known of a show carried through in the year of 2005 in the city of S�o Paulo, where if it presented with its until then band dElohim, together with the Menahem. The Menahem currently is in studio recording its first album, that has as heading the Angels band and Shadows, recorded total in English. The fans of the Menahem can wait an Album technician, with led mel�dicas and the weight that they already know.

Progressive Power Metal
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2010 Illusions (SINGLE) 799
2008 Angels and Shadows promo 853
2008 Angels and Shadows 7934
2005 Prisoes Sem Muros 767

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