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As Hell Retreats

We are not here to be just a christian band. We are not here to get to the top in our genre of music. We are here only for one thing and that is to spread the true love that Jesus Christ gives out. We are not a band with 5 dudes in it, we are striving to become a Ministry each and every day. and our goal is to reach out to you, show you the truth of love, glory, passion, and faith. And it is all from our loving hearts that Christ has put in our bodies. We are very happy to talk to you about any problems you may have because we are always here for you. If you wanna individually talk to us personally, then just go to our personal myspace listed on the band members part.

With one of the most energetic and passionate performances known to the Nashville metal scene, As Hell Retreats promises to never disappoint. Having been through minor member changes in the recent year, they have seen their share of good and bad times. Driven by faith and their love of music, As Hell Retreats runs head first into the nonbelieving world to try and shed some light onto the darkness.

Hendersonville, Tennesee, USA
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2010 Revival 826
2008 Catharsis 845

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