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Goliath was formed shortly after Mike aka Mick Rowe ended the Industrial Goth experiment known as Midnight Orchestra. Mick decided to change band names due to legal problems with the current label. Goliath has gone through a couple of line up, direction, and ministry changes. I agreed to change the name to Goliath (a nickname Wil Watters from Wedding Party gave Mick). Mick describes the music as "Dio-era Sabbath-like stuff from Heaven and Hell and Mob Rules. It has a very heavy on the groove feel, not real complicated, just a wall of detuned guitars and tons of low end." They explore the Dark side of Christian life and the temptations we face everyday from drug use, spiritual life chioces, Nightmares and Satanic leaders.

Doom Metal, Death Metal
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Year Title Rating Views
2008 Goliath Rocks 1010
2001 The Gate 1929
2000 Land of Nod 898

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