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Project “Exorcist” (which means “driving out the Evil One”) states the fact of deception and delusion of the human by the powers of evil, whose aim is to precipitate the soul straight into hell for tarnation. And also the project intends to bring home to the people the historical truth – the destruction of the human’s personality via communist ideology and the Soviet regime, which are, in fact, absolute evil both in common and religious senses.

We want to revive the people’s spirit by uniting everybody under a powerful groundwork, that is faith in God, to bring the Christless to spirituality. Due to the vogue of the music style, of the certain life pattern stereotype and whatever, people sometimes just have no notion of the covert negative and antispiritual content actually provided by the things they consume.

On this basis we see one of the ways of supporting the spiritual growth of the society (and it has to do especially with its younger part) to be by using the language of the above-mentioned modern subculture. We are to get across the holy sense still in spite of the stereotype of hard music being solely of satanic nature. Hard music is a weapon which is capable to fire with that special force of prayer, as well. And so almost every song on the album includes extracts from original Christian prayers.

Finally we would like to recall an utterance from the Holy Scripture, “Let everything that hath breath praise Jehovah.”

The hour has struck to make your choice! Are you after God or after Satan?

Gothic, Industrial
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