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Torn Flesh

Once upon a time in Chesapeake, Ohio just after high school graduation in 1982, Greg Hudson had become convicted of some of the garbage being offered in the secular music market. At this time, he had been introduced to a new kind of music -- Christian rock. One of Greg's good friends, Mike Brown, was preparing to go into the U.S.A. Air Force while at the same time his brother, Jim Brown, came home and had become a Christian while he was in the Air Force. He, too, had become covicted of many of the things affecting the young people today. As circumstances happened, Greg Hudson and Jim Brown formed Psalms 150 Ministry as an outreach to the youth being led down the path of destrution -- we call it Hell.

As time went by, Psalms 150 Ministry began to reach thousands of young people every year and after gaining international attention on the NBC Today Show, other changes had followed. A street ministry had been formed in the streets of Huntington, WVA witnessing to teens partying and cruising down town. While down town, Greg and Jim met up with Aaron Brown, Jelece Brown, and Mike Holbrook -- all doing the same thing we were doing -- witnessing. Eventually we formed a team and attended the streets.

One cold night in early November of 1987, all of us were at Jim's apartment watching a Night Flight video show. The show portrayed a secular punk band on the road across America. The band had many fans following thema nd their message on a rampage contrary to God's Word. At this point we had all realized that there needs to be an alternative to this kind of music. After prayer and takling over ideas, we decided to form a radical band and offer explicit Christian lyrics to allow people to see that life is not following the world with its drugs, free sex, parties, and junk.

Life is not thrashing out and pounding your head against the wall, but life is Jesus Christ. Life is following Jesus Christ. Thus, Torn Flesh was born. Our first four song demo went out to 13 countries and our song No Surfin' in Hell has been releaed on Regency Music compilation LP titled Underground Metal. In late 1989, the release of our first national debut CD is sent out to the world to win battles in many lives that need to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.

punk, thrash, metal, crossover
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1989 Crux of the Mosh 2583
1988 Love Kills (semi-pro cover) 1342
1988 Love Kills (self-produced cover) 1231
1988 Thrashin' EP 1070

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