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ReinXeed is head by Majestic Vanguard guitarist Tommy Johansson.

ReinXeed is a symphonic, OST inspired melodic power metal band from the north of Sweden. In the beginning, ReinXeed was a one-man project of Tommy Johansson, who played all the instruments on the debut album. For subsequent albums, he assembled a full band to play alongside him, with Tommy himself handling guitars and vocals.

Tommy has also recorded numerous covers of pop songs, cartoon themes, and other songs. These recordings are only available on Youtube and are not part of ReinXeed's discography.

Power Metal
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2013 A New World 445
2013 Swedish Hitz Goes Metal II 456
2012 Welcome to the Theater 442
2011 1912 621
2011 Swedish Hits Goes Metal 420
2010 Majestic 461
2009 Higher 584
2008 The Light 877
2007 The Light EP 935
2004 Lionheart (EP) 581
2002 Future Land (DEMO) 445

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