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Abnormal Sunday

So impressed were their mastering and duplication company that after hearing the project, they bought 50 copies to send to their clients.

Their sound is modern, heavy rock with a nice blend of high energy and melodic ideas. Each song contains an element of special interest that commands your interest to the end of the track. The heavy rock guitar sounds are pleasing and tastefully done - it sounds good loud.

Abnormal Sunday

"You'll scream, you'll cry, you just might smash something!" Abnormal? Their sound is modern, high-energy rock, with sudden, jolting surprises and melodic vocals. Blind Man, their astounding first project, has been reviewed as an awesome debut, filled with sound and energy similar to secular artists "Creed" and "Puddle of Mudd." Their mastering company was so impressed that they purchased 50 copies to send out to their clients. Abnormal Sunday's music is memorable, vibrant, and even sarcastic at times, yet potently packed with a life-transforming message.

The band's name refers to the day that marks the beginning of the Christian Church; the day that Jesus Christ was raised from the dead. "It was abnormal in the sense that you just don't expect things like that to happen," says Dave Finch - lead singer and guitarist for the band.

Abnormal Sunday is based out of Hope Creek Church in Durham, NC. Every Wednesday they play at Son City, the church's youth group. Their powerful performances include original music, worship and rewritten, secular covers.

Abnormal Sunday's solid, passionate performance opened the Xtreme Festival in Greensboro, NC. The festival featured major label artists like Jars of Clay, Skillet, Disciple, and Caedmon's Call.

Blind Man has gotten radio airplay around the world and has sold in the US, England and Germany. The title track will also be featured in a skate boarding documentary to be released this summer. The dramatic, guitar fused "Inside," and "Blind Man," and the memorable, melodic "If You'll Hold My Hand," and "Simple Honesty," have made the project especially successful.

"We are out there playing to let people know that they don't have to drown in the despair and hopelessness that so permeates most of the modern music and pop culture of today. There is real hope and joy in embracing the Christian message of new life in Jesus Christ - we know it because we've experienced it," says Dave. "We aren't embarrassed or ashamed of our faith because it's just who we are. But we also aren't saying we are better than anyone else. We just want to share the hope and joy we've found, and hope others will find it too."

Alternative, Grunge, Rock
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