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11th Hour

Formed in June 2000, 11th hour started out playing covers and leading worship. Behind the scenes though, they began crafting songs to release their current album Done Falling. Released in November 2002, the songs on Done Falling reveal a deep sensitivity to today's issues that everyone deals with. Each song is unique in its own right.

The members all come from various backgrounds of music making Done Falling a truly diverse album. From the beginning song "Awakening" to "Purify" 11th hour has proven to be both relevant and entertaining while still being unashamed about their faith. "Our live shows are a chance for us to really connect with teens, we put on a fun intense rock show and then have the chance afterwards to talk with kids about some of the things that are going on with them," says James, lead singer of the band.

Together the six-member band has formed a friendship that has kept them going strong for 4 years now. Continuing to write new songs they are hoping to have a new record out by December of this year. Don't count on this band fading out. They're in for the long haul to spread a message of hope that can only be found in Jesus Christ.

Rock, alternative
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