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Gasoline Heart

Gasoline Heart "I've never made a dollar playing music." -Louis DeFabrizio Why be in a band? For Gasoline Heart, the answer couldn't be clearer. In days where major record labels are in outright panic over how to make money and control the industry, what keeps these so guys cool and confident? They've made one record that aches with hidden joy and outright pain, toured the U.S. to increasingly enthusiastic crowds, all the while continuing to toss everything they have into the pot to let it simmer. After seeing his last band run aground, singer Louis DeFabrizio was ready to take a break from the manic touring that had defined his life. Following the break-up of his five year marriage he was armed with a new vision and a notebook full of songs. After a few phone calls to long time friends John Fortson (Squad Five-0), Jeff Irizarry, Ricky Calvo, Gasoline Heart was born. the best parts of your music collection reshuffled and stitched into something completely new, yet totally familiar -MSNBC They headed to Chicago to record with legendary producer/engineer Steve Albini, and returned with "You Know Who You Are," a cathartic statement of purpose that sums up the utter heartbreak of life while still leaping with the kind of Springsteen-esque triumph you can only feel when you're defiantly challenging the shit forces of the world. Gasoline Heart is a go-for-broke band live, engaging the crowd with everything they can muster to make or break the show. The band's hometown shows in Orlando have taken on mythic qualities, the whole town showing up to see if the band will turn in a blistering set of sing-alongs and smiles or self-destruct in beautiful train wreck. The show brims with a recklessness last seen in The Replacements, at times rising to the bombast of bands like The Who or Pearl Jam. Although on tour they rock with abandon, the record has songs that evoke the effortless cool of Tom Petty or London Calling -era Clash. Gasoline Heart is a band with nothing to lose- so they make music that you can hold up like a mirror and see who you are, and what you could be. Why be in a band? For these guys, it's the need to take the chance you thought you never could, go out on a limb, give her one last look, and see where it all leads.

Orlando, Florida
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