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Lights For Nero

Dear Friends,... In case you didn't know... Lights for Nero broke up in February of 2005. Since then, the members have moved on to other things... Chris (bass/guitar) joined the airforce. Jason (vocals) lives in Hagerstown, MD where he works for Mack Trucks. He is still bald and he still has an awesome beard. Colt, who filled in for Jason after he moved, still plays guitar and sings for "the Map Says We're Fd." Mat (guitars), Darcy (bass/vocals after Jason and Colt), and Ben (who played bass when Darcy began doing vocals) are currently playing in "Children of the 11th Hour," which is very similar to the jazzviolence style that LFN had. I seriously urge any Lights for Nero fan to check them out. I, Jordan, (guitar after Chris joined the airforce) is playing with "Alaska the Tiger," "No Way Jose!," and solo as "Brave Horatious." Stephen (drums) is somewhere. I don't know where, though. Joey (vocals/sax) is currently working on a hip hop project that goes by the name "JEY Cannon." More about that soon... All of the new projects are on myspace, so show your love and check out what we're doing now. Sorry for any disappointment that may have existed in any of you after we broke up... there was no farewell show, no big announcment... it was all somewhat sudden. But just as a lot of relationships are, there are no hard feelings, no weirdness, just strong enough differences that we all felt as though we should move on. Atleast that's how I feel, and I guess it wouldn't be completely right of me to speak for everyone. Well, I hope what we're doing now can be enjoyable for you. And hopefully Mat will finish up the last song we did a rough recording of so we can post it on the site for anyone that would like to hear it. ... Much Love, ... Jordan Bee ... links to check out:

Grindcore, Jazz
Columbia, South Carolina
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