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Seraph VII

Originally formed in 1980 we felt a calling to present our Christian faith through music. Most Christian music at the time had a lite pop feel to it that just didnt touch a lot of people we knew. All of us had musical roots that were much heavier than what was being played by Christian groups at the time, being influenced by groups like Rush, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Van Halen and Pink Floyd. The bands original line up consisted of: Ryan Kelly Lead Guitar, Dennis Wegner Rhythm Guitars, Curt Wilhelmson Bass and Mike Gaston Drums. At our first appearance (Minnesota Showcase 1) a music reviewer said I felt like I was going sixty miles an hour, standing still. Obviously not meant as a compliment our reaction was, excellent! One of the most unique experiences we had while playing was at a youth rally in western Minnesota. Next to the church we were playing at there was a biker rally going on at the same time. Some of the bikers came over to complain that we were to loud, but they started to listen to the music and as it grew dark out (we were only supposed to play till 9:00 pm) they turned on the lights of their motorcycles so we could keep playing! We played through out Minnesota and Wisconsin for 3 1/2 years with good reviews, culminating with opening for Barnabas at the University of Minnesota. But over all people just were not ready to hear the Christian experience expressed in music that hard! After a lot of thought and prayer we decided to disband. But the Lord works in mysterious ways. In 2003 Ryan Kelly, the lead guitarist suggested we get back together to record some of the music we wrote. The result was our first CD titled This Is Not A Test. Not only was it fun being together again, but the music that we had written was actually more relevant now! We knew the Lord wanted us to witness again, He wasnt finished with us yet. The bands original name Angel Street was basically pulled out of a hat with no thought or meaning to it. After a lot of prayer we decided to change the name of the band to Seraph VII. Revelations 10, vs.7, "But in the days when the seventh angel is about to sound his trumpet, the mystery of God will be accomplished, just as he announced to his servants the prophets." Now is the time for us to be as the warrior angels. This is the time to bring the good news of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ to people who do not know Him. We debuted in the summer of 2004 at The Sonshine Music fest in Willmar, MN to rave reviews. In 2005 we added Sean Kelly (Ryan Kellys son) on lead and rhythm guitars adding a new dimension to the band. In 2005 we played at Rainbow fest in Wausau WI, The MS Telethon in Hibbing MN and Sonshine Music fest in Willmar MN. Since then we have been working in the studio on our 2nd CD of all new material. The Bands current line up consists of: Ryan Kelly Guitars and vocals, Sean Kelly Guitars, Reason programming and vocals, Mike Gaston Drums and Curt Wilhelmson Bass, Keyboards, Reason Programming and Vocals. With everything going on in the world today, bringing the Word of our Lord to people is more important then ever. Never afraid to tackle tough issues such as racism, poverty, and living in a secular world as a Christian, our goal is to bring people to Christ and have a good time doing it.

Progressive Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA
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