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Post Mortum

Hailing from Massillon, OH, Post Mortum has been on quite a ride over the past few years of existence. Through many blessings and many trials, these four men have united to connect with lost souls and uplift all who come in contact.

Influenced by many genres, everything from hardcore and rock to country, hip-hop, and jazz, Post Mortum's most passionate influence is Jesus Christ. Simply put, they play what He has inspired within them. The fact that we must die to the flesh in order to fully live in Christ has inspired the band's name. This is what Post Mortum strives for in their daily walk, and they desire to imbue this truth in souls worldwide.

This theme is found throughout the band's independent debut full-length, 'Fixed Retina,' released in December 2005. Produced by Ben Cybulsky at CMC Studios in Canton OH, Fixed Retina's dark, driving music reflects passions, frustrations, struggles, and joys in life, with a message targeting the millions of people who search for true meaning and hope in life. The song "My Resentment" has made its appearance on several compilation discs, including HM Magazine's, in addition to air time on JCTV. The new album has been sweeping across the nation and beyond, receiving significant airplay on rock, college, and internet radio stations as well as great reviews from notable sources.

Post Mortum's passion and purpose is found in the intensity of their live performances. Their ability to connect with their crowd has been experienced by many thousands who have attended shows from small, intimate settings to major festivals alike. Although Post Mortum has shared the stage with nearly every chart topping band in the industry, to them, that's not what performing is about. It's not about just putting on a great rock show, although Post Mortum does that night after night. To Post Mortum, it's about being a servant. It's about meeting people right where they are in life and encouraging them to step forward in a positive direction. Touring and being on the road is a chance for Post Mortum to see needs and help. After shows, Post Mortum is a band that never leaves the venue until everyone who needs someone to talk to has left. And more often then not, the conversations are carried to a nearby Waffle House...

Having already accomplished what many only dream, Post Mortum does not stop here. This is only the beginning. The band is currently touring nationally, and the next album is already in progress. As they continue to press forward onto foreign grounds, Post Mortum's honesty and passion will explode from deep within their souls into yours...

Progressive Metal
Massillon, Ohio, USA
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