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Ken Tamplin

Has been a member of
and has also done guest vocals and producing for a number of projects including Laudamus and Angelica.

Ken Tamplin was introduced to the music world through the hard rock/metal band, Shout. He soon became heralded for his expert guitar work and multi-octave vocals. After Shout disbanded, he put together another short-lived band called Magdallan. He began recording solo albums in 1990. His most recent albums have been released independently or by European labels, where his fan base is bigger. One interesting trivia tidbit: Ken's first cousin is Sammy Hagar, a one-time prominent member of Van Halen and also a solo artist

AOR, Hard Rock, Pop Metal, Commercial Metal
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2012 Then Sings My Soul 270
2008 Cover To Cover 446
2004 Wake the Nations 1224
2002 Goin' Home 561
2001 Where Love Is 756
1999 Brave Days of Old 851
1999 KMG Classic Archives (An Axe To Grind/Soul Survivor) 568
1998 Where Love Is 777
1998 Loving You Loving Me 437
1997 Liquid Music 799
1997 The Colors of Christmas 860
1996 Weird Odds & Ends 728
1995 In The Witness Box 1281
1995 We the People 978
1993 Tamplin 1792
1991 Soul Survivor 1388
1991 K.T.V.Z. (demo) 113
1990 An Axe To Grind 3979

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