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Out Of Darkness

In the early years of British Christian music, after the first wave of turtle necked troubadours began to perform 'Christian beat music' in fishnet-festooned coffee Christian bars, Out Of Darkness emerged onto the scene in 1969. The band were the seminal Christian rock band of the early 70s, pioneers in their field, pumping out a cocktail of soul, gospel and Hendrix-style rock and cited as inspiration for bands like After The Fire, U2 and The Alarm.

The original line up of Out Of Darkness was formed in 1969, the various members coming from three bands, The Pilgrims, The Soul Seekers and Insight.
"Key Records had known about us as musicians before we came together as a group and they were very interested in us. The Soul Seekers were one of Britain's first black gospel groups and they had toured the continent and released several records. The Pilgrims had also released several singles and I had become a session drummer. Key Records offered us a deal after we had been playing together for only four days."

The line up at the time was Wray Powell on guitar, Carl Grant on bass and gongos, Tony Goodman on vocals and Tim on drums. The album was recorded on a basic eight-track machine and was completed in a week. It sold very well on the 'Sound Vision' tour and through record shops and bookshops as well as mail order. It was the best selling gospel album of 1970. However, these were early days for the industry and the numbers sold were relatively small.

Psychedelic, Rock, Blues
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