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A Hope For Home

From the band's Myspace:
Hailing from Portland and Vancouver in the Columbia River Valley, A Hope For Home is the product of years of evolution. Having existed in some form since 2001, the band has undergone a long maturing process, both musically and as people. What once was literally talent show material was recast under their current sound and moniker in early 2006 when the members reunited, hoping to create a new sonic project that wasn't bound by a music scene they believed needed change.

The band has sought to write music that conveys hope in the midst of this difficult world, best personified by their former lead guitarist, Kyle Cooke, who despite an ultimately terminal battle with cancer, overflowed with love and strength. His death in August, 2006, in the midst of writing new material, was the catalyst for struggle within the group as they attempted to define themselves and continue on without their dear friend.

Over a year later, the band has produced their debut album Here, the End, a crisp, clean, entirely DIY effort. A blend of opposites, the album seamlessly combines the band�s love of harder acts such as Thrice, As Cities Burn, and Poison the Well with the indie stylings of Thursday, Copeland, and Radiohead, resulting in an exciting, arresting, and thought provoking piece. In dedicating themselves to their art, A Hope For Home desires to portray Kyle�s message of hope and strength through their performance, as well as outlive the tumultuous music scene they find themselves in by creating honest and passionate art.

Melodic hardcore, screamo, progressive
Portland, Oregon, USA
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2011 In Abstraction 957
2010 Realis 1052
2009 The Everlasting Man (StrikeFirst) 5509
2008 The Everlasting Man 6250
2007 Here, The End 5320

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