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Sent By Ravens

Some people believe in coincidence, others believe in chance.....but I believe its a little thing called fate...Sent By Ravens was formed in January 2006. Sent By Ravens formulate a sound unlike any other...with their driving rhythms, melodic catches, an their smooth lyrical and vocal patterns. A unique blend of high energy, in your face rock; with the melodic, softer side sets Sent By Ravens apart from anyone else. Sent By Ravens has opened for national acts such as Staind, Family Force 5, Pillar, Showbead, and has also headlined the Myrtle Beach Rocks in Myrtle Beach, SC at the House of Blues.

"Our goal as a band is to inspire people, to challenge them in there everyday life. To let them know no matter how bad it gets and what exactly is goingon in their personal life that there is always hope." says the band. SBR is looking to bring their energetic live show and message to the masses.

Andy-Guitar 1
JJ-Guitar 2

Experimental, Hardcore, Rock, Screamo
Florence, SC
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Year Title Rating Views
2012 Mean What You Say 909
2010 Our Graceful Words 936
2008 The Effects Of Fashion and Prayer 1978
2007 Sent By Ravens - EP 869

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