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"The birth of Bedeiah (pronounced b�-d�-yah) began when I started my own riffs and experiments in the black metal sound. The name Bedeiah was adopted after I abandoned the previous moniker of my more death / thrash oriented project, Hell-No. The previous name was owned by another group of a completely irrelevant style of music and did not suit the black metal scene well. At that time, I was musically influenced by bands such as Darkthrone, Necromantia, Burzum, Absurd and so forth. I recorded an unofficial experimental test demo in 2003. I had little to work with and I was not content with the outcome. Eventually I bought more equipment and experimented again. This time I worked harder and spent more time on my project and released Loving Conviction in 2006. The album was an unexpected success, developing a cult fan base. Which is something I hope will be used by God for His glory and not my popularity. Some people were bitter towards the Christian message in the lyrics, but enjoyed the music none the less. One of the reasons I formed Bedeiah was to infiltrate the Gospel of Christ among the bitterest of anti-Christian black metalers; satanic, pagan, and even NSBM. I was fully aware how many in the black metal scene sincerely disdain Christianity. I also learned that most (almost all) of them do not even know what true Christianity is. Many of them view Christianity based on historical and commercial stereo-types. True Christianity is not a super religious propaganda machine nor am I getting involved in black metal music to force my beliefs on anyone. Bedeiah exists to witness to the lost and glorify Jesus Christ. Those who are not believers, I hope that you will not be bitter towards this, but I forgive you if you are. Jesus Christ loves you deeply and no burnt down church building in northern Europe will change that! God bless."

Black Metal, Ambient Black Metal
Arizona, US
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Burzum, Xasthur, Darkthrone, Absurd, Bathory

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Year Title Rating Views
2011 Blood Metal 948
2007 Loving Conviction 4465
2007 Crucifixion 902
2003 Experimental Test Demo 925

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