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Opprobrium is a thrash/death metal band from Metairie, Louisiana. Founded in 1986 by brothers Francis and Moyses Howard under the name Incubus, and reappearing after a 10 year break from the music business in 2000, they were forced to change their name for copyright reasons and in order to avoid confusion with newly emerging Alternative rock band Incubus from California. The Howard brothers had originally emigrated to the USA from Brazil. The band is noted for their particular style, a Death/Thrash crossover, combined with some Christian lyrics.

Thrash Metal
Metairie, Louisiana
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2019 The Fallen Entities 48
2016 Serpent Temptation (vinyl) 635
2016 Supernatural Death 641
2008 Mandatory Evac 1021
2008 Beyond the Unknown (re-issue) 911
2008 Serpent Temptation 833
2000 Discerning Forces 6817
2000 Beyond the Unknown/Serpent Temptation 910
1994 Serpent Temptation (Nuclear Blast) 990
1990 Beyond the Unknown 5122
1988 Serpent Temptation 1422
1987 Supernatural Death 805

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