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Fires of Babylon

FIRES OF BABYLON is classic 1980's-style, shredding U.S. heavy metal reincarnated! Their lineup is one of highly skilled and lauded musicians, including guitarist Lou St. Paul (WINTERS BANE), vocalist Rob Rock (ex-IMPELITTERRI), bassist Kelly Conlon (ex-DEATH), and drummer Robert Falzano (SHATTER MESSIAH).

In 1990, guitarist Lou St. Paul formed WINTERS BANE and since that time has consistently displayed his excellent songwriting skills, playing great riffs and shredding solos over intelligent, well thought out lyrical essays. Highly impressed by Lou's playing on Redivivus, the owner of Metal Heaven Records asked St. Paul to write the material and put together a band to record a classic 80's metal album and FIRES OF BABYLON is the result.

Powerhouse vocalist Rob Rocks's extensive discography includes classic albums with IMPELLITTERRI, WARRIOR, AXEL RUDI PELL, and M.A.R.S., PROJECT: DRIVER. Rob has recorded three excellent solo albums ( Rage Of Creation, Eyes Of Eternity, and Holy Hell ), and his latest opus, Garden Of Chaos, has just been released.

Bassist Kelly Conlon is a veteran of legendary death metal bands DEATH and MONSTROSITY.Kelly performed on the classic DEATH album Symbolic, as well as the MONSTROSITY albums Millennium and In Dark Purity . Kelly is also working with his own band, INFINITY MINUS ONE.

Drummer Robert Falzano is an alum of the Berklee College Of Music, where one his instructors, drum legend Mike Mangini, picked Robert to take his place in ANNIHILATOR for their 2004 tour with JUDAS PRIEST. While with ANNIHILATOR, Robert met guitarist Curran Murphy (touring guitarist for ANNIHILATOR and NEVERMORE), and both of them left the band after the tour to form their own outfit, SHATTER MESSIAH. Their 2nd album, God Burns Like Flesh was released last year.

Heavy Metal
Akron, Ohio, USA
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