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Northern Ash

Northern Ash is a 2 man studio project formed during the Summer months of 2007 with the purpose of glorifying our Lord Jesus Christ by centering on black metal, adding some death metal, and a bit of thrash to produce a unique sound. The message is purely Biblical and also includes a bit of Theological and Apologist (defense of the faith) lyrics. Both members are fairly experienced in creating, recording, marketing, and distributing Christian metal music and belong to other projects as well as this one. Adding diversity and strength to the Christ-centered metal movement is another serious goal of Northern Ash and its two members. It is considered a long distance project since one member lives in North America and the other in Central America. Nevertheless, both are committed to this endeavor�s success.

Black, Death, Thrash
USA and Panam�
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2010 ...for Thine Is the Kingdom 712
2009 Patterns of Decay 877
2008 The Age of Irrationality 7474

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