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Immortal Soul

From the band's Myspace:
Immortal Soul is a metal band consisting of three members: Jason (guitar and lead vocals), Jon (drums), and Jeff (bass guitar and vocals). Immortal Soul was formed in April of 1996 when Jeff, a friend of Jon's since junior high school, began playing bass with the two brothers. Jason and Jon had been playing music together since they were kids. Cutting their teeth on hard rock bands of the mid to late 80's, the two had developed a taste for metal and progressive rock over the years. Jeff's musical tastes had undergone a similar metamorphosis, so the combination of the three members in one band was a perfect fit.

The newly-formed power trio quickly began working on an original brand of metal, fusing their common and individual influences into a distinct musical hybrid. The band immediately took to local and regional clubs, concert halls, community centers, and festivals-performing wherever there was an opportunity to showcase their music.

After amassing a solid collection of original songs, Immortal Soul entered The Source Studios in June of 1997 and recorded a seven-song demo. They continued playing live shows throughout Central and Northeast Arkansas for the next several years, until the band unofficially went on hiatus in 2001 to focus on their families and careers outside of the band. In mid-2004, Jason, Jon, & Jeff began writing, rehearsing, and playing live concerts again. After spending more than a year in the studio, Immortal Soul released Lines in the Sand, their first full-length album, in December 2006.

Immortal Soul's music has been described by Sean Clancy of The Entertainer as "...a lean brand of progressive metal with more crunch than a bag of chips," and "...a bonecrushing weight of sound." Other listeners have drawn comparisons to Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Pantera, and Dream Theater.

The band's name, Immortal Soul, is a reference to the members' belief in the Christian faith and its teaching that after the body dies, the soul lives on for eternity.

Progressive Metal, Heavy Metal
Jonesboro, Arkansas, USA
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