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The Black Noise Party Boys

There are thousands of "heavy" bands in the punk/hardcore music scene today. Most of them are covered in eyeliner and screaming about their bleeding hearts or trying to rip off Botch's "We Are the Romans" to no avail. Trendsetters seem to be a thing of the past and originality is all but gone.

What ever happened to rock and roll? Where are the anthems and the attitudes that made the Sunset Strip the Mecca of guitar glory?

The Black Noise Party Boys are here to bring rock and roll back to the forefront of a stagnant scene. Taking cues from eighties heroes like AC/DC and Motley Crue, their Holdfast Records debut "Party All the Time" is filled with riffs that will have you banging your head and vocals that will have you screaming along. A heavy rhythm section that pays homage to contemporaries like Every Time I Die, He Is Legend, and Norma Jean, and guest vocals from Dallas Taylor (Maylene and the Sons of Disaster) and Andy Atkins (A Plea for Purging) are sure to make "Party All the Time" a must have for scenesters everywhere.

The band began two years after the demise of acclaimed seminal post-hardcore band Materia Medica. "We had people like Dusty Redmon (The Almost/Dead Poetic/Beloved) saying that we sounded like Frodus and early Hopesfall which were incredible bands. Greg Jehanian (Mewithoutyou/Geology) called our music 'intelligent and passionate'. But we were broke from touring and I guess the majority of people just didn't 'get' what we were doing," says guitarist Michael Abrams. Bassist Sean Kirby adds, "We all knew that we still wanted to make music, so we figured 'why don't we just make it like our lives - one big party'." The guys began writing and playing some summer shows including the Cornerstone Festival. "The writing process was great because I have a huge affinity for the eighties rock/metal sound, but I also love Coalsece and Breather Resist and tried to introduce some dissonance as well. Jeremy, our drummer, loves hardcore and he was determined to include breakdowns that were reminiscent of that style. All the while Joey (guitar) is listening to Metallica's 'Black Album' and throwing pinch harmonics all over the place. When I hear myself naming these various influences, I wonder how this thing came together, but I couldn't be happier," says Abrams. After becoming comfortable with the sound they were crafting, The Black Noise Party Boys entered Cadence Recordings (Trussville, Alabama) in late November to begin recording their debut ep. The result is "Party All the Time" - six tracks that are intended to break your speakers.

The Black Noise Party Boys have but one humble agenda: to party. Whether their music has you wreaking havoc in the pit, diving from the stage, or simply grinning from ear to ear, only one thing is important to these guys...

Southern hardcore, metal
Birmingham, Alabama, USA
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