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Started in late 2005, the Christian based "Pop-Core" outfit FallStar has taken the long road to finding a finished product. Finally with a soild line up in 2006 and featuring former members of Frantic Harvest, Remembering the Forgotten, Reclaim the Fallen and Blessed Be You, Fallstar has come up with a very unique sound and has been turning heads all over.

As reveiwed by Red Crown Reveiws:
"Fallstar is laced with heavy guitars and amazing breakdowns, with dual vocals that switch from gut wrenching screams to amazing harmonies between the lead singer and drummer. Stage presence is key for this band as the swing their guitars about, expressing high energy! "

"Their last song, "Oceans", was the clincher when halfway in between the bass player and lead singer switched positions and finished the song with punishing performance!"

"Your Eyes Don't Lie" is the highly anticipated and successful 2007 debut release. Featuring an unparalleled level of tenacity, song crafting, and hooks, the listener is brought through a display of anthems, vocal harmonies, and epic four part to non repeating breakdowns of the highest complexity. For fans of Saosin, Chiodos, August Burns Red, and Underoath.

Thanks for listening and God Bless!

Screamo, hardcore
Portland, Oregon, USA
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2013 Backdraft 7704
2011 Reconciler. Refiner. Igniter. 7235
2007 Your Eyes Don't Lie 999

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