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Archangel (MI)

Archangel was formed Feburary of 2004 by Shane Mouw, Matt DiRito, and Brent Richards. They started to hang out and "jam" and new right away they had something special, not only in music but in brotherhood as well. After the first year of playing out, writing new songs, recording their first album and growing as a band, Matt followed his heart and steped down from his position in Archangel. Although the three remain close friends Matt was replaced by Scott Syers at the turn of the new year. After many shows, much bonding and alot of fun Archangel said good-bye to Scott and hello to Paul Hardy and Tony DeVries. Tony and Paul had just ended a long term project with RaiN and were looking for a little different style but with the same passion. Paul and Shane had been playing the local church circuit with thier acoustic project. As Paul and Shane became close they new that there was more to come in the music world. As RaiN ended Archangel started over. The addition of Tony and Paul have increased Archangels strength 10 fold, and continue help push Archangel not only musically but spiritually. Archangel continues to play out as much as possible and has released their second album.

MUSKEGON, Michigan
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