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Thy Will Be Done

Their name, THY WILL BE DONE, is a perfect fit for this unique group from Providence, RI. It compliments both their explosive musical drive and the message they bring as a reaction to the "second-rate" commercial bands that use their stature and gimmicks to sell their senseless negativity and hopeless, nihilistic world views. Their songs and arrangements echo the voice of the oppressed and those whom sought much needed change in these turbulant times. THY WILL BE DONE coalesce the unorthodox balance of some of the most bludgeoning music with thought provoking lyrics that are both spiritually and emotionally uplifting. The result is a refreshing stance in opposition to the dissonance of the human condition. Not often enough is there a band who's drive is to inspire millions instead of making millions.

Providence, RI
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Year Title Rating Views
2012 Temple EP 855
2009 In Ancient Of Days 811
2007 Was And Is To Come 7343

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