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Final Axe

Final Axe emerged as a frontrunner in the highly competetive California metal scene. For a number of reasons, the band decided against signing with a Christian label, instead choosing to self-release the 1989 cassette-only album, Beyond Hell's Gates , which only cemented their cult status in the underground metal scene. Final Axe would go on to play with the best in Christian metal, becoming legendary for their Metal Midnight Festival performances. Unfortunately, this release would go out of print almost as soon as it was released, and the band broke up a while later, so fans were left wanting more. Beyond Hell's Gates features the powerhouse vocals of Keith Miles, and the molten metal guitar attack of Bill Menchen, to craft some of the most intense, blazing, and melodic metal your ears will ever hear. Like the music, the lyrics are challenging and in-your-face Christian. Bill Menchen and Keith Miles (aka Simon Tyler) would later team up to form the band TITANIC, and release two albums (Maiden Voyage & Silence Screams).

Last known line-up:
Simon Keith Tyler - Vocals (Titanic)
William Paul Menchen - Guitar (Titanic, Rev Seven, Seventh Power)
Tim Palmatier - Drums (Titanic, Rev Seven)

Former/past member(s)
Rod Reasner - bass (ex-DTS, Rev Seven)
Chris Lattimer - drums (ex-DTS)
Chris Reth - drums
Bruce Menchen - bass

Original final axe line up was
Keith Miles
Bill Menchen
Rod Reasner
Chris Latimer. formed in late 1989.

Heavy Metal
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2010 Beyond Hell's Gate (Collector's Edition) 922
2008 Live In Concert 1348
2006 Axe Of The Apostles 1833
2004 Beyond Hell's Gate (Retroactive) 2116
2004 Beyond Hell's Gate (Vinyl) 1089
1989 Beyond Hell's Gate 1371

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