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Remedy Drive

Originally starting as Remedy, this band based originally between Hastings, Nebraska & Lincoln, Nebraska, is actually a band of 4 brothers (literally).

From the band's website:
Remedy Drive is an independent rock band from Lincoln, NE. The band has been touring nationally playing around 200 shows a year for the past three years. Remedy Drive is currently on tour in support of their most recent album 'Rip Open The Skies'. This new project, recorded in Nashville with producer Jim Cooper, focuses the energy and momentum of a band most known for the harmonies and intensity in their piano driven rock tunes.

"The last thing any of us are looking for is a diluted existence - the shadow and not the substance." says David Zach, songwriter for the band. "But I find myself chasing the wind. I catch myself actually believing that success can bring happiness - that accomplishment can complete me that gold or plastic can validate my existence." This band claims to have found the hope that reaches beyond the boundaries of a fallen world. This music echoes a call to live for something more then the American dream - more then suburban accomplishment - more then sixty-five years and a mortgage. This music is a call to a new life and a new heart.

Alternative, rock
Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2014 Commodity 646
2013 Resuscitate: Acoustic Sessions 746
2012 Resuscitate 657
2011 Light Makes A Way EP 728
2010 Daylight Is Coming: Expanded Edition 864
2010 The Daylight EP 730
2006 Rip Open the Skies 6080
2004 Magnify 703
2003 A Live Album 690
2001 Remedy (The Red One) 750
1999 Remedy (The Blue One) 631

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