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Wedding Party

By Ginny McCabe

Wedding Party was founded seven years ago by William J. Watters, Sheri Luckey Watters and Libby Luckey. However, the vision for the band began about 20 years ago.

"The vision itself, the need for what we do and the type of ministry that we are came about in a couple of different ways; by the seeing and envisioning of Sheri's mother, her sister and Sheri. Sheri has been playing music and singing for at least 20 years. "Even as a child myself," she states, "I believe the Lord was leading me in this area. Our ministry has remained consistent it's to reach in so many ways the unreachable to give an alternative, but not be an alternative. Not being so much of an alternative to what the world has to offer, but giving God's best in what God has to offer. In reaching people where they are at instead of expecting them to come to us.

"Through this ministry, we just want people to understand the Father's heart and Who the Father is; about Jesus and the salvation He has to offer as a free gift. That's where we're centered and that's where we stay. At the same time, we aspire to create new music and music that's cutting edge. We want to be the best that we possibly can and not settle for less."

The band is a Native American, euro gothic band. "Our standards are very high when it comes to God and music," explains William, "but without hypocrisy." And, stylistically, Wedding Party is characterized primarily as gothic. "The gothic realm is something that we totally are, it's who we are. Even in the term of gothic, our style is very powerful, operatic music. We're moving into about five different styles of music and we combine different styles of music as we write."

"There's a couple of songs, 'Raven's Warning,' and 'The Unknown God,' which demonstrate that edge that we're going for. We are in the process of writing the next album right now.

"Anthems was very deep and I believe the next album will be very deep; it's going to be about finding peace amongst all the chaos that's going on in this Earth in these end times. We are going to keep the operatic gothic feel; there will be an element of praise. We're going for more of a heavier edge," he says.

"The songs on Anthems are for believers in the last days. They are anthems as followers of Christ, the pains, and the sorrows. All of those songs have been blood, sweat and tears, and I lived every one of them.

"Just like we sing 'Bury the Dead,' one of the tracks on the album . . . it's very hard for me. 'Crystal River,' is about my brother's death. Sometimes I can't listen to the album for weeks at a time. Because every time we stand on stage and play the songs, or I hear one of the songs from the album, it becomes so real. Our whole concept for Anthems was to make a real album that would touch people in their hearts; one that would get through the glam and the glitz and get right down to the matter of the heart. I believe that we've accomplished that with the Lord. For me, it's a trophy or a medal of what we've walked through to get to this point in our lives; and we've given it to the world, the best that we could.

"We wanted to give people hope the Lord's hope in the crises, (in) the good and in the bad times. It seems to be more bad times than good in our walk... A lot of times it just seems so hard. There are so many misconceptions that things are going to become great when we become Christians. It's not that it becomes great; it's that we find a hope that the world does not have without Christ; and that's what Anthems is the heart of God and our hearts and our victories. It is also a call for His children to come home, to come back to Him, and listen to Him. His love passes through everything and anything that they could have done. He wants them to come unto Him. The time is short, it's beginning to rain, and He wants them to come in out of the rain.

"'War Memorial," the first track on the album, talks about the fact that we will stand through anything. I believe the importance of Christianity sometimes gets lost. We believe that we serve a King. I am proud to be in His army; I am proud to be in His service. We would be willing to die for His Name. When it comes to Christians in the United States, it's a question that doesn't come up too much. I believe in foreign countries that our brothers and sisters are being martyred daily. War Memorial' is about the belief that we hold with the Lord. As human as we are, and as sinful as we are, we have been made clean through Jesus Christ and we will stand until the end. When everything is done that we could do, we are to stand in the midst of the storm, to stand in that battlefield and hold that banner and hold our swords. If we lose our lives it doesn't matter. It makes a strong statement, but right off the bat it tells what we believe and who we are. It demonstrates how important our love for God is."

Wedding Party is signed to MCM Records (Germany). Band members include William James Watters (vocals, guitar, acoustic), Sheri Luckey Watters (vocals), Jamie McCavanaugh (guitar, piano), John Williams (bass), Chad Hall (piano, keyboards, percussion), Victor Deaton (drums), Ken Lemery (keyboards, sampler), Libby Luckey (background vocals, choreography), Sean Savacool (guitarist), and Justin Savacool (theatrics).

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Gothic, Industrial
Nashville, Tennessee
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