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The Echoing Green

Electronic pop/rock band.

"What is The Echoing Green you ask? On the surface, it's an electronic group making music that makes you smile... and think... and think about smiling. Making music that makes you jump up & down and freak out in general. Making music that makes you want to kiss your mom. Making music that makes you want to thank God for your very breath. And sometimes, making music that makes you take a hard look at yourself.

On the inside, The Echoing Green is a collective. Founded by one guy who figured out there is more to life than just tears - and that it sometimes takes tears to figure that out. The Echoing Green is not about making fans - it's about making friends. If the music of The Echoing Green has ever touched you in any way - even if it only accomplished the simple task of putting a smile on your face, if only for a minute, then you are are part of it, too.

So, again, welcome to The Echoing Green and make yourself at home...

but please leave loneliness and despair at the door."

Joey B.

Electronic, techno, pop
Albuquerque, New Mexico
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2007 Suffer 386
2006 Songs Of Innocence & Experience: Hope And Science 329
2004 Music From the Ocean Picture 336
2004 The Story Of Our Lives 353
2003 Fall Awake 350
2003 The Winter Of Our Discontent 447
2002 The Evergreen Collection 342
2002 The Evergreen Annex - Remix Addendum 354
2001 Music From the Ocean Picture 345
2001 Oxygen 289
2000 She's Gone Tragic 324
2000 Supernova 2302
2000 Oceanaria 320
2000 Supernova 341
1999 Glimmer of Hope 334
1999 The Evergreen Collection 329
1998 The Echoing Green 2802
1998 Electronica 2021
1998 If I Could... 324
1998 6-16-98 517
1997 Hope Springs Eternal 2455
1997 Oxygen 317
1996 Science Fiction 698
1995 Aurora 7.2 620
1994 Defend Your Joy 2053

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