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Jimmy Hotz

From Jimmy's website:

Jimmy began playing Guitar at the age of 7.

Began playing local Concerts at 12.

Jimmy's band first shared the stage with a major artist (the Guess Who) when Jimmy was 16.

He first worked professionally in a Studio in 1971 at the age of 17.

Jimmy recorded a solo album in the late 70's called "Beyond the Crystal Sea" this is considered one of the best examples of early "Art Rock" by many Collectors and Critics.

Jimmy's current project "Beyond the Gates of Time" is his first solo recording in which his inventions, the "Hotz Box"(MIDI Controller) and the "Hotz MIDI Translator" (Computer Software) are the primary instruments. As Jimmy has been very busy working with other Artists and inventing Musical Instruments, "Beyond the Gates of Time" is also his first solo project since "Beyond the Crystal Sea". You can hear some of the songs from "Beyond the Gates of Time" by going to the Jimmy Hotz - Music File page.
His Musical style might be classified as:
Art Rock, Progressive Rock, Rock or Space Rock

Musical influences:
Yes, Moody Blues, Early King Crimson, Beatles, Jimmy Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and Asia.

Similar Artists:
Although Jimmy's style is very unique, some of the Artist that might be in a similar genre are: Pink Floyd, Alan Parsons Project and Early King Crimson.

Progressive, art rock
Similar Secular:
Arkangel, Rush, Yes, Pink Floyd

Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2010 Beyond The Crystal Sea (Collector's Edition) 863
2000 The Gates of Time 812
1980 Beyond the Crystal Sea 922

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