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Gadget was one of Marc Plainguet's creative alter egos. When unleashed, this subterranean, techno-primitive would sample industrial sounds beneath the city and mix them into a musical language all their own. Gadget was the guy you sent in to rearrange the grey mind-matter. To assist Gadget, Yambar became dD7, the terrible mutant gorilla who helped him gather his samples while at the same time penning and delivering vocal tracks on Don't Give Up Now and 100% Pure Beef.

Under the moniker of Gadget, Plainguet recorded "Joyful Noize" and became one of the first Christians to be performing industrial music. "Joyful Noize" contained pounding rhythms, spacey soundscapes, and haunting renditions of the Psalms. The acclaim for this project spread quickly and Plainguet's tapes were now being distributed by Spring Arbor, Key Records, and Long's Christian Music in America, and Embryo Arts in Europe.

1991 saw the release of Gadget's follow-up to the classic "Joyful Noize" titled "Gnashing Of Teeth". The reaction was incredible. The cassette was praised as a new form of expression in Christian music and Gadget was hailed as "the Keith Green of noize".

Corpqii Music was created by Marc Plainguet

Industrial, Experimental
Los Angeles
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1990 Gnashing of Teeth 1062
1987 Joyful Noize 1006

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