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Neon Horse

Norman Horse - lead vocals

Neon Horse, the latest Tooth & Nail Records buzz band, is another mystery band. They aren't revealing any solid information about band members, instead leaving little bread crumbs of information for people to gather to try and piece together.

The band's style is a sassy blend of classic rock and roll in the vein of Oingo Boingo or the Stooges, and an avant-garde shoegaze sound.

Their self-titled debut, Neon Horse, came out May 8th 2007.

Sometimes a band is either so ugly or has so little sense of style that the record company attempts to market the music without ever showing us what the band members actually look like.

This is never, ever a good sign.

Neon Horse, supposedly a conglomeration of members of 20 defunct Los Angeles-area music groups, released a CD in May. The mystery of the band's membership was hyped by Tooth and Nail Records. Scores of people had their curiosity piqued.

Despite the mystery, the identity of two members has leaked out. They are Mark Salomon, formerly with The Crucified, Native Son & The Foundation, Stavesacre and Outer Circle. And Jason Martin of Starflyer 59, Dancehouse Children, Bon Voyage and The Brothers Martin.

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