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Sacrecy is a young Christian metal band from Finland. Their style could be labeled as Christian melodic metal with elements from progressive rock and power metal. Around 2002 Panu Siik and Olli Hipeli had an idea of forming a band. Both being metalheads it was pretty obvious that it would be a metal band. Panu and Olli asked their friend Antti Viitanen to join the band as a bassist. The band didn't really get any wind beneath its wings until early 2004 when Juho Fabrin joined as a drummer and the band started rehearsing. To ease Panu's guitar work while singing, Heikki M..kinen from Unseen joined as a rhythm guitarist. In February 2005 Sacrecy went to Fantom Studio to record a two song promo-cd. Shortly after that Antti Viitanen had to leave the band, Jesse Riikonen soon replacing him. Sacrecy started recording their debut album in 2006, but the attempt failed due to setbacks in keeping gear where it belongs. Another attempt started in February 2007 and four months later the album was completed!

Melodic Metal, Progressive Metal
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Year Title Rating Views
2007 Sacrecy 1394
2005 Promo 2005 (demo) 851

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