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"The key element that stands out about Afterimage is their ability to write creative, heavier songs, that are catchy, moving, and original. There is nothing typical about the band, right down to the shoes on their feet. These young guys are "all metal" and I'm not talking about hardcore wanna be metal either. They can best be described as the Living Sacrifice of the next generation. If you are a fan of Living Sacrifice, Soul Embraced, or a newer act, such as Aletheian, this band is right for your ears! With daily plays on Purevolume peaking in the hundreds and ranking in the top 100 unsigned band chart consistantly, there is no question that this band has the potential....... not to "blow up", a term overly-used, but to make a mark in the Christian heavy music industry and inspire a whole fleet of bands to follow their foot steps and contribute to the next wave of heavy music. This is a band that you need to hear ASAP."
-Dave, Uprisezine -

metalcore, deathcore
Barrington, Illinois
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Year Title Rating Views
2007 Codex: Triumph in the Eschaton 4394
2006 Burning Hands 2306
2005 Demo 1998
2004 Afterimage 2467

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