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Band Members
Joshua Walsh--Bass, Vocals
Corey Ackerman--Guitar
Daniel Swords II--Drums, Vocals

Welcome to the raw, passionate world of rock and roll. Infuse that with the indwelling and inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Now what do you have? DAYSPRING: a Christian Rock Power-Trio committed to sharing their faith and relationship with Jesus through the platform of rock music.

In the summer of 2004, two high school friends - Joshua Walsh and Corey Ackerman (original guitarist)decided to get together and start writing and recording christian rock songs. They purchased a digital 8 track recorder and began laying down tracks. They overdubbed drums to go along with the bass and guitar but soon desired to start playing live shows. They elicited the help of a mutual friend, Dan Swords, to play drums thus changing the hobby of a couple of school buddys into a full fledged Rock Band.

As time progressed their sound came into its own and continues to evolve. In early 2009 Corey decided to step down from the band and was replaced with another friend of DAYSPRING, Greg Brennan. The band's lack of members attributes to it's creative prowess in songwriting and performing.

Each member's style does well in filling out the sonic spectrum. Joshua (singer/guitarist) focuses on the composition of each song to keep the listener engaged, while evoking thought and introspection with the lyrics. Percussion is Dan's domain. His drumwork is fast and bold, creating solid rythms, yet branching out to blaze his own trail in each song. Greg is DAYSPRING's bass-man. His background as a guitarist gives him an edge in the band's sound by using runs and driving rythm to hold it all together. Some influences of the band include Delirious?, Led Zeppelin, Soundgarden, Creed, Shinedown, Silverchair, Alter Bridge, Alice in Chains, Switchfoot and STP, however, through the years it has been difficult to put a finger on who they soundlike (Bonus points for ORIGINALITY!)

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