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Gypsy Carns

GYPSY started performing in clubs in 1963 and making records in 66. He has anointed the United States, Japan, France, England, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, China and Israel with his vocals, percussion, 12-string Dobro and electric guitar bottleneck prowess. GYPSY is also known as a blues songwriter, co-penning a Koko Taylor tune that garnered 2 GRAMMY nominations. Blues Revue states: Gypsy Carns, A one-man wrecking crew who plays a stompbox tambourine / kick drum combination, harp, 12-string resonator guitar.this is hammering, powerful stuff, driven by his energy and rough-hewn vocals. Using rock & the delta-blues musical formats, he combines Messianic lyrics for a unique blend of authentic American music. His energy and commitment are evidenced through his powerful live performances. On August 16, 2006 GYPSY delivered an End Times Message on the summit of The Mount Of Olives (pictured below) in Jerusalem. By the instruction of The Holy Spirit he delivered the same message at the Wailing Wall on August 17th. GYPSY prayed and stuck the lyrics to Sound The Trumpet and 12 Rainbows into the wall. He then walked back and forth 7 times in front of the wall reciting 5 bible verses: Dueteronomy 18:18, Jeremiah 21:4-6, Ezekiel 33:1-7, Hosea 8:1, and Revelation 2:17. After this he burned a copy of the lyrics that he put into the wall - as a verification of the outcome of this message. If the Jewish nation does not accept Yeshua (Jesus Christ) as the Messiah, they will face the wrath of I AM. The Wailing Wall will be tumbled and fire will burn the city of Jerusalem. Hear the words of the LORD: "There is a generation who will witness the Second Coming of Christ, in the flesh. Repent now, for a time is coming, when the Door to eternal salvation will be closed."

Garage , Rock , Blues
NASHVILLE, Tennessee
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