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Faith Factor

New Jersey-based Christian power metal band FAITH FACTOR, featured ex-DEADLY BLESSING singer Ski, released their debut EP on July 7th, 2007 (07.07.07) on Metallic Arch Angel Records. According to a band bio, "with crushing rhythms, soaring melodies and thundering appeal, Faith Factor glorifies our savior and sends a message of eternal salvation through Jesus Christ. Faith Factor used a different approach utilizing a triple guitar attack, tight bombastic bass and drums, and melodic vocals with an aggressive edge. Faith Factor consisted of 6 musicians with a brotherhood serving our Lord Jesus Christ. Their mission was to spread the good news of salvation to the masses using music and biblically sound lyrics as the tool.

Power Metal
America (Based in New Jersey)
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Year Title Rating Views
2008 Against A Darkened Sky 1384
2007 07/07/07 2533

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