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The hopeful message that Floodline expresses is overshadowed by something sinister that lives in the deepest and most hidden corners of the mind. Dreams are dashed and then rediscovered out of the ashes of what little remained. Traverse the passage and discover what it really takes to reach the dawn.

Floodline is a two man studio band that is dedicated to writing and recording the most brutally honest music possible through the medium of progressive metal. The release of Floodlne's debut album Passage To Dawn in March of 06 is a major landmark for this new band and has fanned the flames of their desire to create. Floodline has been in the works for the past three years and has been revered as one of the best metal bands in the region.

Hardcore Metal, Progressive Metal
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Year Title Rating Views
2009 Beneath the Waves 1129
2006 Passage To Dawn 977

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