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Blushing Well

Band Members

Heather: Keyboards

Jared: Guitars

Jeremy: Bass Guitars

Andrew: Drums

Jeff: Guitars

Joshua: Lead Vocals and programming

Modern Hard Art Rock, that mixes fragile humaness with saving hope. A sound that is hard to compare to any one band, which is what makes Blushing Well just a little different. Music and Lyrics combine to take the listener through a journey of fragileness and brokeness; that ends in the arms of Healing.

Blushing Well's Mission has a focus; to share Christ's hope to all. The band was born out of RISK Ministries (An evangelistic ministry, to young and old who need encouragement to live life as a ministry, which was formed by Rev. Jeff Redding) Born out of the need to provide a valid ministry outlet for teens, RISK? Mission is the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19 and 20). RISK uses a contemporary platform of music, drama, and solid biblical teaching and preaching to encourage those who are in need.

Blushing Well hopes to reach all with the message of the Gospel and challenge Christians to get real with their God and get out of their comfort zones. As Christians, we are encouraged by Christ to "go into the highways and hedges" and to "call the halt, the maimed, the lame, and the blind" with the promise and "and thou shalt be blessed."

Blushing Well's hope is to transmit a challenge that will cause the lost and the saved alike to consider their ways. Our goal is to make the best music we possibly can, and through it all, plant a seed that will grow in all who consume, Though our struggles we pray: THE LORD BE GLORIFIED.

Progressive, Alternative, Rock
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
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2006 This Flesh I'm In 893
2002 Fragile Human 921

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