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Described as the "new extol", Aletheian has released 3 stellar albums in the vein of technical progressive death/thrash metal. Aletheian has never felt compelled to "do what the other bands are doing" and has consequently paved the way for extremely technical Christian metal. Their 2005 release Dying Vine broke new barriers in the Christian scene and gained the band a tremendous amount of fans. The band, however, now plays for their own indie label, Hope Prevails Records, so they aren't promoted nearly as much as their counterparts.

Current line up:
Alex Kenis - Guitars
Joel Thorpe - Vocals
Donny Swigart - Guitars
Joe Walmer - Drums

Death Metal, Progressive Metal, Thrash Metal
Lebanon, PA
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2008 Dying Vine 7973
2005 Dying Vine 8308
2005 Aletheian Live 1362
2004 Apolutrosis 8373
2002 ...Hope Prevails 9354

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