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Thyne Scabbard

Often thought of as a haven for those who abide on the darker side of life, metal is being redeemed by five guys who are desperate to prove that the genre has more to offer than just gloom and doom. Thyne Scabbard is creating a buzz on the West Coast by doing something that is both ambitious and wildly entertaining: they unabashedly worship their Creator while they prepare to battle the temptations and threats which follow redemption.
Thyne Scabbard was formed by vocalist Sky Heydecke, drummer Travis Robidoux, and guitarist Dylan Sevier as a side project in 2002. They immediately recorded a demo, and functioned as a trio for a while. Chris Garcia then added a second guitar, while Isaac Merfalen soon followed on bass. Fueled by Heydecke's intense vocals, Thyne Scabbard have since showcased a brand of metal that is as epic as it is aggressive. They are committed to putting on an entertaining live show, and have thus far connected with audiences in San Diego, Los Angeles, and throughout Southern California. Their goal as a live band is to put on an exceptionally intriguing and brutal performance, while allowing for an honest look at their faith. It is this element of faith that separates Thyne Scabbard from many bands in their genre.
In an industry that frequently rewards the self-absorbed, Thyne Scabbard manage to balance their ambition with a seemingly earnest desire to positively affect listeners. They want to create the kind of music that is uplifting to audiences. The band seeks to share their belief in the Lord and have made it clear to audiences that there is a light that can be found in this type of music. Thyne Scabbard is adamant that the trials and tribulations that confront them ought to be ferociously attacked. Heydecke's lyrics challenge Satan and his legions while simultaneously adoring the one, true God. With a dynamic vocal range, Heydecke is one of the more convincing lyricists and singers to be found among the newcomers in the genre.
Thyne Scabbard is already en route to a higher level of success. Much of the buzz surrounding the band can be attributed to their work ethic and confidence. In addition, recently sharing the stage with established acts such as P.O.D., The Red Chord, Martyr AD, No Innocent Victim, Evergreen Terrace, and Dead To Fall has helped the band gain even more exposure. Reaction has been overwhelmingly positive, as the band has developed a very solid underground following which may very well propel them into the mainstream.
Their first full-length album, 'Redemption', was released on April 22, 2006 to an enthusiastic crowd who devoured copies of the highly anticipated CD. 'Redemption' has since received critical acclaim from Uprise Magazine, Indie Vision Music, and Rain City Ambience. With an approach to their music and lives that is both refreshing and contagious, Thyne Scabbard is intent on getting their music heard by as many people as possible. Recent signs are certainly pointing in that direction!

Metal, Hardcore
San Diego, CA
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2006 Redemption 7562
2004 Warnings of a Death Curse 743
2003 Sword & Scabbard 724

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