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Common Yet Forbidden

You ever heard someone sneeze and its followed up with a friendly, "GOD bless you?" Ever heard someone swear after something goes wrong like "Jesus Christ" or "GOD Dammit?" Isn't "GOD bless America" or "Pray for our Troops" on bumper stickers on everyones car more recently? Isn't "In GOD We Trust" on our money? Aren't the 10 Commandments in our governments judicial building? "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of nation under GOD..." Yet aren't few trying to rid the word GOD from the Pledge of Allegiance? and aren't we Forbid to Pray in Public Schools?

It is not a coincidence that our everyday surroundings either have the name GOD in it or the name GOD or JESUS is used. GOD, JESUS, LORD, etc. the names are all Common Yet Forbidden.

Metal, Death Metal
Orlando, FL
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2007 The Struggle 7581
2005 We Suffer Violence 4609

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