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Original Members:
Aaron Harslett -Drums
Ben Reid -Guitars
Chris Duggan -Bass
Darren Reid -Vocals
Luke Martin -Guitars

Current Members
Darren Reid -vocalist
Tim Lawrence -guitars
Michael Wright -guitars
Greg Smith -bass
Aaron Harslett -drums
Rodge -keyboards/programming

Founded in 1993 by brothers Darren and Ben Reid, Embodiment quickly evolved into a five piece death/doom metal band, recording a three track demo which was unreleased to the public. They followed this up by recording a two track demo tape "Dishallowent Grounds", which caught the ear of Rowe Productions, with the title track appearing on Godspeed: Australian Metal Compilation I. They recorded three tracks for Raise The Dead: Australian Metal Compilation II and a further three for Falling on Deaf Ears: Australian Metal Compilation IV (all released by Rowe Productions) while steadily gigging with local and interstate bands.

Following several membership changes, Embodiment began to pursue a more hardcore metal sound in the late 1990s, along with a name change to Embodiment 12:14. They toured with Anthrax & Killswitch Engage in 2004, and have played alongside Chimaira and In Flames.

Doom Metal, Death Metal, Metalcore, Hardcore
Adelaide, South Australia
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2003 Inroads Out 668
1998 Elements of This Man-Made Man 521
1994 Dishallowent Grounds 629

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