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These Southern California rockers came together in the late 80s under Kenny Myers leadership as the band "Obadiah".

All members have incredible testimonies they shared at concerts and prison ministries where they would show the love of Jesus to all who they came in contact with. Many people came to faith at their concerts. Theirs was truly a ministry FIRST, and rock 'n roll second.

Tragedy came in 1991 as a car accident took Drummer Ruben Chavez away from us. Though he was finally with the Savior he loved and sang about, the rest of the band mourned him pretty hard, especially Ken.

The band Obadiah has since called it a day, but their love for Jesus and ministry has continued on.

Classic Rock
California, USA
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2000 Obadiah 1548
1990 Got A Message 1061
1988 Obadiah 1192

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