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Kennebec—(ken-e-bek) n.—1. fusion of five talented musicians whose musical roots and influences, from groundbreaking punk to metal and alternative to heavy rock, create a lucid, almost liquid, montage of rich Rock N' Roll to cultivate the senses.

Keith Hovis and Nate Baier, began the new millennium playing music with a college ministry and found that music was the ultimate form of communication.
As fate would have it, Rick Gilbreath joined the band
lending his ripping leads. Matt Brown joined the band, bringing progressive perspective, rhythm and percussion. And Kennebec was complete when John O'Leary followed bringing the bass line and groove.

The members of Kennebec have dedicated their lives to music and ministry. Keithexplained: "In our music and in our lives, we are constantly searching for something, it's in the journey. Its like Einstein said, '…the most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It's the source of all true art.' And it's in Christ that we find the answers to life's many mysteries." Kennebec's vision is to use their music to give people a vision, a reason, and a love that promotes a radical community…one that grows by helping one anoth

Band Members
Nate Baier-Vocals
Rick Gilbreath-Lead Guitar
Keith Hovis-Guitar
John O'Leary-Bass
Matt Brown-Drums

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