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Monotheist is a musical entity with the intent of creating heavy, technical and emotional music that also manifests a powerful positive message often lacking into todays heavy music. Mixing elements of Death, Black, and Thrash metal with a progressive twist, Monotheist also employs the use of folk, jazz, classical and ethnic influences as well. Through the consolidation of these different influences Monotheist hopes to create something refreshing and original in the more-often-than-not stagnant metal scene. We believe in diversity and creativity and hope to show the world through music that there is a better life through Jesus Christ...and that Christian music doesn't have to suck. ;)

Death metal, Progressive metal
Gainesville/Orlando, Florida, USA
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Year Title Rating Views
2018 Scourge 391
2013 Genesis of Perdition [EP] 845
2012 Unforsaken [Re-issue] 867
2007 Unforsaken [Demo] 5103

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